OCIT® Offene Schnittstellen für die Straßenverkehrstechnik / Open Communication Interface for Road Traffic Control Systems  



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With the intention of standardising interfaces for systems of the road traffic engineering, the companies Dambach, Siemens, Signalbau Huber, Stoye and Stührenberg founded the working group ODG (OCIT Developer Group) in 1999.

The common name of the interfaces is: OCIT (Open Communication Interface for Road Traffic Control Systems)

Members of the ODG are the companies:

For the standardisation of central interfaces (OCIT-C) the ODG works together with the partners (ODG & Partner):

In order to harmonize the national interests of standardisation and to take influence at the European (if necessary international) standardisation, the OCTS Harmonization Committee (Open Communication Standards for Traffic Systems) was established. This committee assures the requirements and technical security of the OCIT interfaces. Initial members are:

  • BASt (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, a federal institution for road traffic)
  • OCA (Open Traffic Systems City Association e. V.) - gathers requirements of the urban operators
  • ODG&Partner (OCIT Developer Group und Partner) - working group of equipment manufacturers and their partners for the development of OCIT specifications


The trade mark OCIT®

OCIT (Open Communication interface for Road Traffic control of system) is a trade mark (OCIT®) of the companies Dambach, Siemens, Signalbau Huber, Stoye and Stührenberg.

Owners of rights of use at OCIT interfaces may use the trade mark OCIT in product names. Details are regulated in the user agreements.

All manufacturers that have rights of use of OCIT interfaces can use the indication „OCIT integrated“. This means that one or several OCIT interfaces are integrated. It is not a quality seal and no statement about the range of the implementation.